Petoi Bittle palm-size robot dog does tricks for both fun and learning

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Petoi Bittle Palm-Size Robot Dog

The Petoi Bittle palm-size robot dog is not only fun but also educational. In fact, this affordable robot dog helps teach coding and STEM through playing tricks just like real animals do. This tiny robot pet has a compact design that’s been fine-tuned for an agile feeling. And its spring-loaded legs give it a soft-to-the-touch sensation. It moves on four legs with dynamic motion that lets it navigate unique terrains. Moreover, its accessible, seamless design is one that’s great for anyone of any age. Simply bring this palm-size robot dog to life by assembling its puzzle-like frames, running demo codes, and injecting new skills with your own codes. Whether you want to learn, teach, or research, Bittle is sure to impress your family and friends.

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