PedalPorteur bicycle cargo system fits things of all different sizes

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PedalPorteur Bicycle Cargo System

If you love cycling, sometimes you need to be able to take things with you. The PedalPorteur bicycle cargo system is how to do it. This bike rack has a patented telescoping system that fits objects of pretty much any size. In fact, the length ranges from 16.25″ to 28″, and the width ranges from 11″ to 21″. More than just convenient for carrying capacity, this bicycle cargo system has a design that also allows it to fit a variety of bike shapes and tire sizes. And it doesn’t matter if you use disc brakes or not. Because the accessories are removable, this product works great no matter how much room you have to store your bicycle. Simply leave the rack attached and remove the accessories. This will change the way you use your bicycle, allowing you to easily carry large sporting items and heavy groceries.

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