Oppo Flash Charge can fully replenish a phone in 13 minutes

Oppo Flash Charge can fully replenish a phone in 13 minutes
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Fast charging continues to be a smartphone feature on the rise. We’re hearing that even Apple, which has shipped its iPhone with a miserly 5w brick since its inception, might be taking a more proactive approach with the iPhone 12.

However, any fast charging solution from Cupertino is unlikely to match what Chinese manufacturer Oppo claims to have up its sleeve. The firm behind the newly-released Oppo Find X2 has announced a 125W wired charger that promises to fully recharge a phone in just 13-minutes when the conditions are right.

The new Flash Charge, which builds upon the company’s SuperVooc charging technology and uses a USB-C connection at both ends of the cable, can also replenish a 4,000mAh battery by up to 41% with a nice minute blast. The conditions have to be pretty perfect, with the phone temperature under 40-degrees, but you’re still looking at a full recharge in around 20-minutes in other circumstances.

It’s easy to see where this tech could come in handy. If you’re about to leave for the day and forgot to charge your phone overnight, it tech could be a lifesaver.

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Oppo hasn’t announced a phone that will feature the new tech out of the box, but it is saying the new Flash Charge tech is backwards compatible with some of its older phones like the Oppo Reno 2, which already features the SuperVooc tech.

The company is also announcing a new 65W AirVooc wireless charging mat which it says can fully replenish a 4,0000mAh battery in half an hour. The mat is compatible with phones running the Qi standard, but it’s unlikely to provide those incredible charging speeds for phones from other firms.

You can see the Flash Charging launch event below:

While Oppo phones aren’t that widely used or available in the UK, there is plenty of significance beyond the firm’s handsets. Oppo is part of the same parent company as OnePlus and once developed the Dash Charge tech for its sister firm, for example.

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