Oppo Find X2: What we know about the Chinese firm's Galaxy S20 rival

Oppo Find X2: What we know about the Chinese firm's Galaxy S20 rival
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Oppo Find X side by side on table
Oppo Find X

The Oppo Find X got people talking thanks to its innovative pop-up camera design – so what can the Find X2 bring to the table to make headlines again?

Oppo prides itself on high-performing devices with distinctive designs. The brand’s Vice President, Brian Shen, was so confident about Oppo’s next smartphone, he felt comfortable taking thinly veiled shots at the Samsung Galaxy S20 during the phone’s launch on Twitter – so can the Find X2 set a new high bar for Android phones?

Oppo Find X2 Release Date

Oppo has officially confirmed that the Find X2 will be unveiled on March 6, over 18 months after the release of the Oppo Find X.

The launch will be streamed on the above channel at 10:30am CET (9:30am GMT).

Oppo Find X2 Price

We have any pricing information on the Find X2, but we don’t expect it to come cheap. The last entry in the series was an uncompromising premium phone and it cost £799 (€999) when it first launched. Given that 18 months has passed since then, and the price of top-level handsets has only increased during the period, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a price rise in the range of £50 to £100.

Oppo Find X2 Design

The below images have surfaced on Twitter, and show off what appears to be a real-world sample of the device.

There appear to be three very large sensors crammed into an oblong camera module, while the sole image of the screen focuses on the small cut-out selfie camera housed in the top-left corner. The rear panel looks highly reflective, with a subtle metallic green tint.

Read on for the specifications we know so far, mostly sourced from Slashleaks.

Oppo Find X2 Screen

Most of the pre-launch attention has focused on the phone’s screen, thanks to some social media sass from Oppo’s Vice President Brian Shen. After the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S20 he mocked the idea of a flagship dropping the display refresh rate when screen resolution changes, so we can only expect the Find X2 to walk the walk as well as talk the talk.

He even appeared to double down on this a few days later, throwing shade at rival devices that he didn’t consider to be a “2020 true flagship”:

On top of this newsflash, Oppo also divulged that the Find X2’s screen will be 10-bit OLED that can display 1 billion colours:

So it’s clear that the screen is a priority with this upcoming release. The specifications list from Slashleaks seems to confirm that the display will be enviable, measuring 6.7-inches with a resolution of 3168 x 1440p and offering a 120Hz refresh rate at QHD+ resolution.

As for the design: the screen will be curved, and rather than a pop-up camera this version will have a hole-punch camera in the corner.

Oppo Find X2 Camera

It’s been reported that the Oppo Find X2 will have a triple rear camera set-up, and a single selfie camera housed in a cut-out in the corner of the screen. The selfie camera will have a 32-megapixel resolution, while two of the rear hat-trick of sensors will have 48-megapixel units, and the remaining one will be a 13-megapixels snapper.

The Slashleaks report names the rear sensors as the Sony IMX689, Sony IMX586, and the Samsung S5K3M5, noting that one will be a main camera and one a telephoto, while it will boast Dual Optical Image Stablisation.

Oppo Find X2 Performance

Oppo has confirmed that the phone will have the Snapdragon 865, and therefore 5G connectivity thanks to the X55 modem. This won’t be the brand’s first-ever 5G phone, but it is likely to be it’s top-performing handset with 5G connectivity.

The battery also looks like a substantial upgrade (which it will need to be to support that high refresh rate), as it is set to boast a display refresh rate of 4260mAh accompanied by blistering 65W fast-charging.

Another welcome development is that the handset will be certified to IP68 water and dust resistance, making it a hardier prospect than its predecessor.

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