ÖÖD mirrored house creates an extra room in an outdoor space to sleep or work

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ÖÖD mirrored house

If you need an extra room for working, exercising, or for a spare room for guests, the ÖÖD mirrored house might be everything you’re looking for. This house is simple and harmonious and blends into nature. In fact, a natural setting is probably the best location for it. The best part about the ÖÖD mirrored house is that it doesn’t have a specific function. Therefore, you can tailor the interior to suit your purpose. And with an interior space of 18m2, there’s plenty of room to suit a variety of purposes. Overall, this mirrored house is a quick solution to adding more room without requiring any structural work to your home. And you can experiment with its function as often as you’d like.

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