OnePlus 8 30W wireless charging officially confirmed for both models

OnePlus 8 30W wireless charging officially confirmed for both models
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OnePlus 8 wireless charging

The OnePlus 8 series will be the first in company history to offer wireless charging, it has now been confirmed.

The long-rumoured addition was announced in a blog post on the OnePlus forums and will be available on the soon-to-be-announced OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro.

OnePlus is promising peak wireless charging output of 3oW under the Warp Charge 30 Wireless branding, and promising the new phones will go from 1% to 50% charge in just half an hour.

The firm has held off on offering wireless charging for years, while most rival manufacturers have delivered it to users as standard. OnePlus had correctly pointed out the experience couldn’t match the speeds offered by charging via the mains, but now the company says has brought the wireless charging experience up to snuff with a number of innovations; a few of which it is explaining today.

The firm says it has created the mobile industry’s first isolated charge pump, which it claims “ensures a charge efficiency of 97% and minimises the amount of energy converted into heat.”

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OnePlus continues: “Designed with similar functionalities to that of a kill switch, the isolated charge pump deactivates charging when abnormal currents and voltages are detected. This function helps to maintain a stable charge and keeps your phone safe while powering up.”

In the post from Evan Z. of the global product team, OnePlus explains that it able to maintain a high-power charge for longer by using real-time communication between the wireless charger and the phone, which has it’s own customised chip.

The firm adds: “The chip assists in controlling the charger’s current and voltage to maximize overall efficiency.”

OnePlus also says that the wireless charging technology within the OnePlus 8 series is compatible with all Qi-enabled wireless chargers, even at 5W, meaning you’ll be able to use any existing chargers in your house. However, it appears the Warp Charge 30 Wireless will be a charging dock in its own right, with an upright design as depicted in recent leaks.

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