Nokia 2.4 mobile phone offers night mode for better photos

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Nokia 2.4 Mobile Phone

Because the Nokia 2.4 mobile phone offers night mode, you’ll be able to take better photos in the dark than before. In fact, this smartphone uses advanced image fusion and exposure stacking to ensure your nighttime photos have incredible detail. What’s more, the Nokia 2.4 also offers Portrait mode, which blurs backgrounds. And you can use Portrait editor to refocus after the fact. Furthermore, this mobile phone offers an impressive 4,500 mAh battery capacity that gives you up to two days’ worth of charge. And the AI Adaptive Battery prioritizes power to the apps you use the most. With a 6.5″ HD+ Full HD display, it has a selfie notch to give you the most from your screen. Finally,  you’ll love the effortless yet secure fingerprint sensor unlock and the 3D nano-textured cover in three Nordic finishes.

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