New Amazon Echo 4th-generation smart speaker comes in a spherical shape

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What was your previous Alexa speaker missing? A round shape and some extra tech. But that’s about to change with the New Amazon Echo 4th-generation smart speaker. Available in three fabric-covered colors, this spherical speaker also offers better audio delivery so you enjoy improved sound. Additionally, this 4th-gen Echo has on-device speech recognition. So it processes what you say locally to respond to your needs faster than before. Thanks to the AZ1 Neural Edge silicon module, it uses a local machine learning speech recognition algorithm before sending your commands to the cloud. What’s more, you can now teach Alexa what you want her to do with your different requests. Thankfully, she’s about to start sounding a little more natural, too, and the New Amazon Echo can even recognize sounds like your dog barking, partner snoring, and baby crying.

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