NeNe Leakes Reveals What Freaks Her Out These Days

NeNe Leakes Reveals What Freaks Her Out These Days
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NeNe Leakes informed her fans that she gets worried each and every time she hears that someone has to go somewhere nowadays. She is also taking the entire coronavirus pandemic seriously, and she has a piece of suggestions for her IG followers.

NeNe just recently needed to close her store in spite of the fact that her heart was breaking. Fans provided her convenience and assistance and informed her that a person’s day, things would return to typical.

‘This is why I get worried each time someone I understand states, “they are running out right quick somewhere” #stayhome #covid19 #imscaredtoo #thistoomuch,’ NeNe captioned her post.

Someone stated: ‘WTF. Our grandparents went to war and healthcare workers are risking their lives to save ours. Karen is only being asked to sit her a** at home and watch Netflix. We can do this!!!!!!’

A fan posted: ‘Very scary and my husband still have to go to work I worry about him getting it and bringing it home to our son and me.’

Another fan stated: ‘People be saying that they want to hang out with friends because they’ retired however they do not understand the danger they’re putting others in.’

Someone else wrote: ‘People who don’t self-quarantine are really disappointing.’

A fan desperately stated that ‘Everyone in Australia and the USA are not listening! Literally, you won’ t have the ability to return to typical life till the varieties of cases STOP increasing! Love you, Nene!’

One commenter posted this: ‘Thank you, @neneleakes, for using your platform to educate. Stay home, people! We make n’t wish to wind up like Italy, and we are close …’

Another person stated this about going to work: ‘Unless you are considered essential, then you have no choice but show up to work until you either show symptoms or test positive.’

Another commenter stated: ‘When you return home, sanitize yourself & drop your clothes in the washer before you touch anyone else. Be safe.’

NeNe likewise made certain to highlight the truth that there are more essential things on the planet than money and business, and the most essential is clearly health.

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