Nautilus Series & Minke Series unique smartphone speakers use physical amplification

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Nautilus Series & Minke Series Unique Smartphone Speakers

Sometimes you don’t need another electronic gadget. That’s where the super cool Nautilus Series & Minke Series unique smartphone speakers come in. These mobile phone speakers produce rich, powerful sound through physical amplification technology. Yep, that means it doesn’t use electricity, batteries, or Bluetooth. With natural wood construction, they have a simple physical structure but manage to increase your phone’s volume by 15 to 19 decibels on average. While the Nautilus series works on desks, the Minke series has portability in mind. And their retro designs look almost like musical instruments for your phone. Though relatively small, both speakers not only increase the volume of your phone but also provide amazing acoustics. You’ll love the way these unique smartphone speakers stand out and make your phone’s audio sound.

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