Moto G9 Plus: 3 things we want from Motorola’s fabled Pixel 4a rival

Moto G9 Plus: 3 things we want from Motorola’s fabled Pixel 4a rival
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Moto G phones have consistently earned a place among Trusted Reviews’ affordable and mid-range phone recommendations by doing two things right.

First, they bring flagship phone features down to the more affordable end of the market. Second, they offer blissfully clean installs of the latest Android OS with close to zero bloatware.

These trends look set to continue this year with the release of the new Moto G 5G Plus. Though we haven’t reviewed it yet, the handset oozes potential, offering 5G connectivity, a solid list of specs – which includes a 90Hz screen – and a clean install of Android 10 all for the super low price of £299.

The phones are so feature rich you may justifiably wonder, ‘what more can Motorola do to improve its next affordable champion’, the much anticipated Moto G9 Plus?

As it turns out, we here at Trusted Towers have some ideas.

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1. A decent IP rating

Moto G phones aren’t the only affordable phones to forgo getting a formal IP water and dust resistance rating.

Pretty much any phone less than £300 doesn’t bother, as the price to get the certification would radically ramp up the handset’s cost. For those who don’t know, firms have to pay to get products tested and approved to carry the rating. It’s not just a case of building them to spec.

This is a shame as, given most budget phones’ target market of kids and budget buyers, an IP rating and the added ruggedness it brings would be a huge bonus. Every parent knows the frustration of having to source a third replacement phone for their sprog after they’ve miraculously found a way to take it on an aquatic adventure, or dropped it in the dirt for the umpteenth time.

Given Motorola’s past wizardry in finding ways to bring features such as this to a lower price point, we can’t help but pray we’ll finally see an IP67 rated Moto G with the 2021 G9 Plus.

2. An actually useful macro and ultrawide

On paper the Moto G 5G Plus both has a decent triple camera setup. Specifically, it comes with a 48MP main; 8MP ultra wide and 5MP macro. This is similar to the setup seen on other recent Moto Gs and, even a few years ago, would have been considered flagship level, on paper.

But with real world testing on the Plus we found, though the main camera is great for the money, the ultra-wide and macro are about as useful as a third nipple. Shots taken on them generally are only good enough for very basic use, like sharing on social media, if at all.

On the Moto G9 Plus we’d like Motorola to re-think the Moto G’s rear camera setup, and create something a little more effective for macro and wide-angle shots.

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3. 120Hz

90Hz is cool. You know what’s cooler? 120Hz! Now, being fair this is a bit of a long shot given Samsung only managed to get the tech onto its Galaxy S20 line this year. It’s not even on an iPhone yet – though the iPhone 12 is expected to have this feature.

For non-techies, Hz is a measurement of the screen’s refresh rate. It informs how many images per second the screen is rendering per second. So, as a rule of thumb, a higher refresh rate will make the screen smoother to use and generally better for gaming.

The tech works a treat on the S20, and we’d love to see it trickle down to the affordable end of the market with the Moto G9 Plus.

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