Moment iPhone 12 Thin Case offers Qi wireless charging compatibility

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Moment iPhone Thin 12 Case

The Moment iPhone Thin 12 Case features Qi wireless charging compatibility, so you don’t need to remove the cover when the battery drains. This iPhone 12 Thin Case is an eco-friendly solution to filling landfills. In fact, it uses bioplastics. This means you can throw away the case in a compost bin when you upgrade your phone. This material also feels smooth to hand, wears well, and protects your phone. In particular, it passed the Drop Test and rated MIL-STD-810G, meaning you can drop it onto hardwood from all angles and it’ll remain intact. In addition, it’s not a bulky design, but is slim and minimal, making it great for daily use and storing in your pocket. It also works well with the M-Series Lens Mount, thanks to the curved edges around the camera.

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