Mine Crypto Using Brain Waves? Microsoft Thinks You Can

Mine Crypto Using Brain Waves? Microsoft Thinks You Can
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Source: Adobe/Gorodenkoff.

Microsoft, by means of its subsidiary Microsoft Technology Licensing (MTL), has actually made a strong crypto relocation by protecting a patent for a mining system that utilizes human body activity as proof-of-work in the production of crypto tokens.

The patent was approved by the World Copyright Organization (WIPO) on March 26, approximately 9 months after the tech huge submitted its preliminary application, which is called “Cryptocurrency system using body activity data.”

The Redmond-based business explains how a crypto system’s main server might propose jobs to user gadgets over an interaction network, using sensing units to determine users’ body activity.

The filing’s authors mention that the system links user gadgets fitted with body sensing units. These sensing units would then transfer information from “body activity,” consisting of brainwaves, blood circulation through veins and arteries and other types of motion.

All of this information would then be sent to a server and would be dealt with as evidence of work, hence eliminating what it calls the “massive computation work” required by traditional cryptocurrency mining efforts.

The sensing units would be incredibly advanced and might identify not just the gamma and beta waves that people utilize to find out, utilize memory functions and participate in abstract thought, however likewise the alpha waves that researchers think are utilized by the subconscious mind.

The software application company’s strategy includes using brain waves and body heat “emitted from the user when the user performs the task provided by an information or service provider,” and offers the example of the manner in which “viewing an advertisement or using certain internet services can be used in the mining process.”

A set of accompanying diagrams shows how the “codified body activity may be converted into an encrypted output by using an encryption algorithm, such as a hash algorithm or function,” eventually leading to the award of cryptoasset to the user in concern.

Source: Microsoft Technology Licensing.

The patent application files do not make note of whether Microsoft would look for to use an existing blockchain network, or whether the software application giant would want to establish its own platform.

If Microsoft ever chooses to follow up with a real-world service based on this non-traditional patent,

Only time will inform.

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