Microsoft Surface Duo could disappoint based on leaked specs

Microsoft Surface Duo could disappoint based on leaked specs
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If the Microsoft Surface Duo dual-screen Android smartphone is to impress with its brand new form factor, it’s unlikely to be down to the spec-sheet, judging by a new report.

The forthcoming take on the foldable phone form factor will arrive running 2019’s Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, accompanied by 6GB RAM, Windows Central‘s sources say.

Most of 2020’s high-end Android phones are already running on the Snapdragon 865 processors. By the time the Surface Duo makes it to market, in late 2020 at the earliest it could be up against handsets running the as-yet-announced Snapdragon 875 SoC likely to power the Samsung Galaxy S30 range.

According to the report, the underwhelming nature of the spec sheet doesn’t stop there. The battery on board could have a relatively small capacity of 3,460mAh. With a pair of 5.6-inch displays on board it’s likely longevity will be something we’ll have to look at very closely when the Surface Duo drops.

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Windows Central sources also reckon the Surface Duo won’t have 5G mobile data connectivity, or NFC for wireless payments. Wireless charging is also not a feature of the current test units the sources say. In terms of cameras, we’re looking at an 11-megapixel single snapper on the rear of the device, according to the report. On board storage will be capped at 256GB with no option to expand via a microSD card.

The report says the plan is to launch the phone running Android 10, but an update to Android 11 is possible relatively quickly according to the source (call us cynical, but we’ve heard that one before).

Of course, Microsoft probably isn’t looking to blow everyone away specs wise. The Surface Duo will be a proof of concept device that we’ll probably see big improvements to as time goes on. However, arriving with an out-of-date spec-sheet for a brand new product probably isn’t the best look

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