Malta pushing refugees back into Libya war

Malta pushing refugees back into Libya war
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Malta has let the Libyan coastguard drag a boat of migrants from Maltese waters back to Libya, breaking international law, a UN company stated.

The event happened on Sunday (15 March) after the wood boat, bring 49 individuals, ended up being stranded since its engine stopped working, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), stated on Monday.

Malta did it in spite of the reality Libya is currently in the grip of civil war, with shelling, air campaign, and street battles in the residential areas of Tripoli.

And the 49 individuals ran the risk of being taken back to an infamous center in the Libyan capital run by the interior ministry, from which individuals have actually disappeared in thepast


“At least 600 migrants returned from the sea to this facility have been reported missing since January. IOM is very concerned about the safety of people detained there and have received no response from the Libyan authorities who were asked to clarify the fate of those reported missing,” it stated in a declaration.

It contacted the EU”to end the return of vulnerable people to Libya and uphold the principle of non-refoulement”


“We remind states that … they have a legal and moral responsibility to respond to distress cases at sea,” the IOM stated.

“We have confirmation the boat was in fact in Maltese waters when it was picked up by the Libyan coastguard … Libya is not a safe place to send people back to,” an IOM spokesperson informed EUobserver.

Neither Maltese authorities nor EU organizations were instantly readily available to comment on Monday.

Malta, over the weekend, did rescue another 112 individuals, the IOM stated.

However the Libyan coastguard likewise dragged and obstructed back 400 more individuals from International and libyan waters in the very same duration.

” The [Libyan] coast guard has actually returned over 2,500 individuals to Libya this year. Some were disembarked in Tripoli, hours after the main port in the city came under heavy shelling,” the IOM stated.

And EU states’ navies in the area have actually long dealt with allegations of dealing with the Libyans to stop individuals from coming.

“The Libyan coastguard is not able to locate and track migrant boats itself. In order to do interceptions, they need to be fed from aerial surveillance,” Tamino Böhm, from German NGO Sea Watch, informed British paper The Guardian in a current examination into the collusion.

Sunday’s Maltese event likewise follows Greece pressed back 10s of countless prospective asylum applicants into Turkey in the past 2 weeks.

In one case likewise last weekend, Greek authorities put 450 migrants on a boat on the Greek island of Lesbos and sent themback


“The Greek naval vessel carrying plus or minus 450 would-be asylum seekers has set sail from Lesbos. Yesterday, officials handed out deportation orders in Greek for people to sign, giving them no chance to lodge asylum claims,” Human Rights Enjoy, an international NGO, stated on Saturday.

Greece likewise suspended asylum applications for a month and utilized violence to push back individuals from its land borders.

However EU organizations declined to censure Athens for its actions, in what totaled up to indirect approval for its and Maltese-type push-backs.

And for his part, Greek prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis informed The Guardian in an interview released likewise on Monday that he had actually not done anything incorrect.

” It [the one-month asylum suspension] was required to send out a clear signal of deterrence,” he stated.

There were 16,900 tries at irregular EU border crossings in the first 2 months of this year, up 27 percent on the very same duration in 2015, the EU border control company, Frontex, kept in mind.

Some 2,200 of the efforts happened in the main Mediterranean, near Libya, mainly by individuals from Bangladesh, Algeria, and Ivory Coast.

More than 7,000 happened in the eastern Mediterranean, near Greece, mainly by individuals from Afghanistan, Syria, and Turkey – not counting the brand-new exodus that happened on 1 March when Turkey offered migrants a thumbs-up to cross.

The western Mediterranean, near Spain, saw 2,300 efforts, mainly by Algerians.

And the Western Balkan path saw figures double from in 2015 to 3,800, mainly by individuals from Syria and Afghanistan.

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