Lumio Teno bowl-shaped speaker can be cracked open to reveal light

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Lumio Teno bowl-shaped speaker

If you’re searching for a home speaker that goes beyond playing music, the Lumio Teno bowl-shaped speaker boasts many unique features. You can literally crack open this device to reveal a soft, warm light that you can adjust with a tap. This radiant lighting creates a calm ambiance in your home. And the speaker has a fun factor, too. You get to break open its shell to switch on the light and the bowl-shaped speaker. And you can stream your favorite music directly from your phone with no cord. In fact, this gadget is designed for easy usability. For example, slide your fingers up and down along the curve of the bowl to adjust the volume. And a gentle tap will answer a phone call. Finally, without the use of bulky buttons, Teno looks presentable on your table when not in use, too.

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