Looking good under a mask: South Korean fashion evolves in the time of coronavirus

Looking good under a mask: South Korean fashion evolves in the time of coronavirus
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From tutorials on how to use makeup with a face mask, to hats that integrate a protective plastic face guard, South Koreans are looking for to make certain the coronavirus break out does not harm their reputation for design.

In one video that has actually collected 10s of thousands of views, 29- year-old beauty YouTuber SSUNZY provides ideas for using makeup in a manner in which looks good under a mask.

“It’s very, very unfortunate that a mask hides your face,” she states in the video. “You can’t show off your charm. I’m going to do makeup that makes your face look good even when you’re wearing a mask.”

SSUNZY suggests that audiences utilize more moisturizers and stay with more natural tones instead of heavy coloring. A hydrating structure, for instance, makes it simpler to retouch makeup after getting rid of a mask, she stated.

Those practices appear to be popular, with sales of more vibrant cosmetics falling while sales of skincare items have actually increased

“We saw an increase in skin care product sales during the month of March compared to the previous month,” stated Amorepacific Group, South Korea’s biggest cosmetics powerhouse. “Anti-aging products show the most stable sales.”

The ubiquitousness of deal with masks has actually made them a daily fashion product for South Koreans, with K-pop music stars assisting spread their appeal.

“The public has become more comfortable with them as a countermeasure (to coronavirus) because G-Dragon wears them, BTS wears them, everybody wears them, so why can’t I wear them?” Korean fashion designer Park Youn-hee, who frequently deals with K-pop idols consisting of BTS and Women’ Generation, stated at her display room in Seoul while recommending a fashion design that suitable for a deal with mask. “To us, and to K-fashion, the mask is a signature item.”

Like numerous countries, South Korea has actually dealt with scarcities to deal with masks. The federal government has actually enforced a rationing system to restrict the number of masks everyone can purchase every week and put export constraints on masks. In action, some South Koreans have actually relied on other methods of integrating defense and fashion One product seen for sale in stores and online are hats with a clear plastic faceguard.

Individuals of any ages have actually been seen using the hat in Daegu, the center of South Korea’s coronavirus break out.

“It goes well with all casual clothing,” Park stated of the hats. South Korea has actually reported over 8,500 verified cases of coronavirus

Park stated individuals ought to accept some of the privacy offered by masks and push the borders of their individual designs.

“I think a mask is an item that can give you confidence since people don’t recognize you clearly,” she stated. “Try bold colors and different looks.”

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