Looking for Dagestani bear-wrestler, T-Ferg for fight

Looking for Dagestani bear-wrestler, T-Ferg for fight
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I’m looking for a stunningly violent fight in between the 2 best lightweights on the planet that have actually been scheduled (and canceled) 5 times.

I first believed I ‘d see you in2015 Even at that time, you were an outright banger of afight A match- up of spotting lightweights, I repent to confess that I wasn’t too dissatisfied when Khabib Nurmagomedov was required to withdraw from a fight with Tony Ferguson due to a knee injury. I was a young and dumb Mixed Martial Arts fan then, not yet understanding the discomfort this match- up and the (numerous) more missed out on connections would produce.

I simply missed you once again in 2016, when Ferguson took out of a fight set up for April, pointing out a back injury.

“Haha, this fight’s cursed,” I believed. Once again, little did I understand what I was in store for, that this fight, this stunning fantasy of violence that is Nurmagomedov vs. Ferguson, would continue to haunt me with missed out on connection after missed out on connection for 4 more years.

The next missed out on connection hurt. Slated for the co-main event of UFC 209 and for the interim light-weight title, I lastly believed I ‘d get to see you. For the previous year, Nurmagomedov, Ferguson, and the UFC had actually teased fans with the fight, developing anticipation as settlements appeared to stall numerous times.

However lastly, fight week was available in March2017 Neither fighter was hurt. Both remained in high spirits. Nurmagomedov even appeared celebratory, enjoying standard Italian desserts.

The tiramisu. The messed up weight-cut. The hospitalization. The canceledfight Once again.

Were you playing hard to get?

In April 2018, I believed you were simply having fun with my heart. Arranged for a 4th time now, Nurmagomedov and Ferguson were set for the main event of UFC 223 in Brooklyn. I was favorable I ‘d lastly see you this time. Certainly the 4th would be if the 3rd time wasn’t the appeal. ?

Here’s how I understand you were simply dabbling me: You provided the news, by means of a typically annoyed Dana White, on April Fool’s Day. Ferguson had actually torn his knee on, of all things, an electronic camera chord at a pressevent Worst trick ever.

A couple of days later on, Conor McGregor would attack a bus bring Nurmagomedov, setting the wheels entirely in movement for a McGregor-Nurmagomedov face-off. Ferguson would simply wave to wait.

Already, I had actually quit hope that I ‘d ever see you. You were my white whale, and I was starting to accept the reality that I ‘d go down with the ship attempting to see you.

In November 2019, you offered me another twinkle of hope, and I was dumb sufficient to think it. For a 5th time Nurmagomedov and Ferguson, both still riding win streaks in the UFC’s hardest division were set up tofight Set for the main event of UFC 249, I was favorable I ‘d see you this time.

A fight can’t potentially fail 5 times.

However you’re not simply anyfight You’re the fight that Mixed Martial Arts fans have actually drooled over considering that2015 You’re the fight that keeps us up in the evening. You’re the fight that has us standing in front of your house, boombox on the shoulder, pleading you to simply offer us a chance.

Once again, naturally, you broke our hearts. As the world quarantines itself in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus, Nurmagomedov remains in Russia now and not able to leave the nation to fight Ferguson in an event that might not take place at all.

You are the doomed fight that continuously techniques every Mixed Martial Arts fan in the world into tingling about you. I am every Mixed Martial Arts fan. If you see this, please call me. The sport requires you.

Do NOT call me with unsolicited services or deals (such as replacement and/or interim title battles).

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