LG Wing leak reveals a truly unique device we want to try right now

LG Wing leak reveals a truly unique device we want to try right now
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Details for a new LG smartphone have leaked and this phone’s expandable display looks a little different to the foldables and dual screens we’ve seen recently.

The phone – codenamed ‘Wing’ – will reportedly feature a 6.8-inch display that rotates out horizontally into a T-shape to reveal a smaller 4-inch square display.

When closed, it looks as though the LG Wing will be made up of one full display stacked directly on top of a second half display.

Image: ET News

The leak comes from a report published by Korean news site ET News. According to ET News, unlike other dual screen devices, the Wing’s 1:1 aspect ratio second display will focus on running secondary functions for the main display. This could include viewing photos on the main screen and editing them on the second, or streaming movies on the main and reading through related information on the second.

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The body of the phone can also be rotated into a vertical view mode to offer a secondary display on the side rather than below the main screen.

The LG Wing will apparently be 5G-compatible and powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 series chipset, similarly LG’s next flagship the LG Velvet. The rear of the phone will reportedly feature a triple camera system and the device will come in a number of colour variations.

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ET News claims that the new phone has already entered into the development phase with the aim being to lunch the device in the second half of 2020. While there has been no word of a UK release for the LG Wing in the limited information in this leak, LG has confirmed an English-language launch later this month for the LG Velvet.

We’ll have to wait and see whether the company follows up its latest flagship with this unusual new dual-screen design in the future.

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