LG Velvet: Everything we know so far about the LG G9 replacement

LG Velvet: Everything we know so far about the LG G9 replacement
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LG has revealed that it’s got a new premium handset on the cards, and it’s been entirely rebranded. Here’s everything to know about the LG Velvet.

The last LG smartphone released in the UK was the LG G8, and it’s fair to say we were underwhelmed, awarding it just 3 stars out of 5 and describing it as “forgettable”. Can a design overhaul and a surprising rebrand help LG return to being one of the big names in the smartphone market, along with Apple and Samsung?

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LG Velvet: Release Date

There’s been no official release date announced yet for LG’s latest smartphone. However the most accurate estimate we have so far arrives courtesy of Naver, a South Korean news source which alleges that the LG Velvet will be launched on May 15.

That date would tally with the traditional launch schedule of LG’s previous flagship range, the G-series:

LG Velvet – Price

There’s not yet been any official pricing information released for the LG Velvet, so we’ll have to go with estimates at this point.

The LG G8 retailed for $819 in the US, which converts to approximately £630. We expect the LG Velvet to cost a little less based on the specifications we’ve spotted so far. But beware that skewed currency conversions could still land UK consumers with a raw deal, as happened with the iPhone 11 which costs $699 in the US but £729 in the UK.

LG Velvet – Design

From initial impressions, it appears that this will be the key selling point of the device. In April, LG first revealed the new look that it’s got in store for us:

Image Credit: LG

The design sketch showed off smooth, curved edges, and also a so-called “raindrop” camera design composed of disparate lenses rather than a bulky camera module.

This ‘raindrop’ theme was further expounded upon later with a design-focused video showing a drip colliding with the back of the phone, pointing to its inspiration.

The video also revealed that the phone seems to be available in white, black, red, and green; unfortunately for David Lynch fans, it seems that there isn’t a blue option.

Overall we’re pleased to see a shift in the design towards something more elegant, having previously described the LG G8 as “bland” in our review.

LG Velvet – Camera

The video and design sketches indicate that the LG Velvet will have a total of three cameras on the rear (plus flash), and one selfie camera present in a teardrop notch.

However, at the moment that’s all we know – no information yet on what exactly those camera sensors will do. It’s fair to assume that’s there’s a main wide-angle sensor, and almost certainly an ultrawide lens too, seeing as LG led the wave with that particular feature.

The remaining snapper could be a telephoto lens or a Time-of-Flight sensor as on the LG V60. But we’ll have to wait patiently for a few more insightful leaks to come through to add weight to this speculation.

LG Velvet – Specs

The video embedded further up the page showed that this device will run on the Snapdragon 765 chipset. That’s important for two reasons: first and foremost, this chip boasts 5G so the new device will undoubtedly make use of the very latest mobile data standard. However, on the other hand it’s somewhat disappointing that LG won’t continue its tradition of using Qualcomm’s top-spec processor for its flagships, such as last year’s Snapdragon 855 on the LG G8.

Apart from that key bit of info there’s little to go on; but we’re hoping for a large battery capacity, speedy recharging, and possibly an update to the display refresh rate.

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