Leaked internal memo from Apple reveals iPhone Personal Hotspot issues

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Apple has inadvertently revealed that some iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 users are likely to encounter issues with the device’s Personal Hotspot function. 

MacRumors got their hands on an internal document which leaked last week – intended for Apple Authorised Service Providers – in which Apple acknowledged the problems with Personal Hotspot.

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Apple warned service providers that they are likely to hear from customers who are struggling to connect to Personal Hotspots. The note adds that customers may also encounter general issues around data performance.

The best course of action for the time being is keeping your Apple software up to date – hopefully there will be a fix soon.

The odd thing about this leaked internal message is the fact that Apple was willing to share information with service providers, but apparently not yet ready to warn customers. The company may be worried that the news could further impact sales at a time when device sales are hitting a slump due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

While Apple seems to be having difficulties with its software, it has impressed recently on the hardware side of things. Last week’s release of two new MacBooks and the latest iPad Pro excited Apple fans.

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The latest iPad Pro looks sleek. Its slightly altered form factor seems to represent a move from Apple to take market share from laptop providers like Lenovo and Asus.

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