Latest EE 5G plans ensure you'll never run out of data

Latest EE 5G plans ensure you'll never run out of data
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EE has announced new pay-monthly plans which all have access to 5G data, provided the user’s handset and location are compatible.

The new Smart, Essential, and Smart SIM plans start from just 4GB of data per month and now include Reserve Data. That means subscribers will be able to remain connected to mobile data at lower speeds when their allowances run out.

EE says the sensible Reserve Data feature means you’ll be able to check your email, access your DMs, or get directions even when you’ve reached your limit. That’ll tide you over until the next billing cycle, provided you don’t want too perform bandwidth-heavy tasks like streaming A/V content. In that instance, you’ll need to buy an add-on.

Those subscribers on the Smart Plan now have the streaming service Britbox available to them as one of their swappable benefits. Others include Amazon Prime Video, a Video Data Pass (which exempts video data streaming from your plan), BT Sport Ultimate and more.

EE says making all of its new contracts 5G ready will help users future proof their mobile plans and it may encourage users to opt for 5G phones in anticipation of speeds coming to their area.

The deal the company is headlining the new plans with is a Samsung Galaxy S230 5G for £56 a month with £50 paid upfront. That offers a 40GB data allowance as well as unlimited calls and texts. The contract length is 24-months. There’s also up to six months of access to BT Sport, Apple Music, Apple News+ and MTV Play and Britbox when you sign up for the new contract.

Sharon Meadows, Director of Propositions, Consumer, EE said: “We want to provide as many people as possible with access to the faster speeds, greater capacity and improved latency that 5G brings – so we’ve made all our new pay monthly handset plans, as well as our new Smart Sim plans, come with 5G as standard. When combined with inclusive Reserve Data, flexible Swappable Benefits, unlimited data, Service Packs and the option to upgrade anytime, EE’s Smart Plans really do enable customers to get the very most from their smartphone on the UK’s no. 1 mobile network”.

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