KSAMASK reusable UVC mask kills 99.9% of viruses

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KSAMASK Reusable UVC Mask

When you wear a face mask, you want to know that it’s effective. Well, the KSAMASK reusable UVC mask sure is. In fact, made of antiviral fiber, the KSAMASK actually kills 99.9% of SARS-CoV, Influenza A virus, and enterovirus. Additionally, another great feature is that this is a long-lasting product, so you can wash it with water and wear it for up to 180 days. This helps you avoid causing the pollution associated with single-use masks. Plus, you get two masks with your purchase, which equates to a full year’s worth of protection. Totally antiviral, this FDA-registered mask uses titanium dioxide (TiO2) and silver ion (Ag+) in its surface membrane, inner layer, and chin piece. This is because TiO2 acts as a photocatalyst for antiviral functions, and the Ag+ is antibacterial. This reusable UVC mask’s three-filter design ensures you breathe clean air.

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