JUMPI is a 3-in-1 jumpstarter, charger, and vacuum

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JUMPI 3-in-1 Jumpstarter roadside device

If you’re looking for a useful car gadget that’s compact, the JUMPI 3 in 1 Jumpstarter roadside device might be the answer. It combines a jumpstarter, charger, and vacuum into a sleek design that’s always to hand. This roadside device might be the savior you need if you break down and don’t have any roadside assistance or battery remaining in your phone. Therefore, you can always store it in your car in the event that you need assistance. Furthermore, the powerful cordless vacuum feature allows you to conveniently remove crumbs and debris from your vehicle. This saves the hassle of vacuuming with a cord. And let’s face it, you’ll be more likely to keep your car clean without cords getting in the way. Finally, weighing only 0.75kg, the 3-in-1 Jumpstarter is lightweight and convenient to operate.

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