JabberMask customizable LED face mask has more than 50 unique options

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Wearing a face mask can feel like it negatively affects your personality, but not the JabberMask customizable LED face mask. With more than 50 unique options, this fun mask is easy to use and customize to your liking. Available in three models, this light-up mask comes in Lite, Deluxe, and Pro. The Lite has 6×6 RGB LEDs and uses four AAAA batteries. However, the other two have 8×8 RGB LEDs and a Micro-USB-rechargeable battery. Plus, the Pro programmable version works with an iOS and Android app that allows you to program your own designs. Made by a video game programmer and designer, this fully interactive voice-controlled face mask is one that you can actually make smile on demand. In fact, this customizable LED face mask responds to your voice by making its LED lights form a circle or line, depending on what you say.

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