izzy smart car organizer is a flexible bag for your vehicle

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izzy Smart Car Organizer

You know how you get in your car and toss everything on the passenger seat? And then it all flies to the floor when you brake at the first light. Well, thankfully you can stop doing that with the izzy smart car organizer. This flexible bag fits every vehicle and improves the safety and comfort of driving. Crafted with a simple click-and-go mechanism, the izzy bag attaches and detaches in just seconds. So this smart car organizer stays securely in place all throughout your drive. It’s great if you’re headed out on a road trip and need to store drinks and snacks or you’re working on-the-go and have lots of gadgets to organize. Additionally, this vehicle bag is sleek enough to take with you outside the car. You can carry it like a briefcase or shoulder bag so your belongings are always with you.

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