It's looking like the iPhone 12 could be announced on October 13

It's looking like the iPhone 12 could be announced on October 13
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Apple is rumoured to be announcing its iPhone 12 range on Tuesday October 13, according to multiple reports.

Leaker Jon Prosser reiterated his previous claim that Apple will make its next-gen handsets public in the middle of next month. He believes pre-orders will open on October 16 and handsets will be in stores on October 23.

In a follow-up tweet, Prosser said the standard iPhone 12 models will go on sale first, while the Pro editions won’t be available until November. Apple has taken that route in the past so it wouldn’t be surprising to see history repeat itself, especially with the production issues brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

The October 13 date was also leaked by an AppleInsider source, meaning it’s now very likely the company will debut the handsets almost a month after they were initially expected. There has been no official word from Apple on when its next-gen phones will arrive.

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However, during its last earnings call, Apple had already warned this year’s flagship models would be delayed by a few weeks beyond the usual mid-September timeline. Today’s leaks fit right in with that estimate.

The reports come after the CEO of BT’s consumer division told employees the debut of the first iPhone 5G was just “days away”.

In the video (via MacRumors), Allera, who also oversees EE, says: “We are just days away from Apple’s next major launch, a 5G iPhone, which will be a huge boost for 5G. Teams in all parts of Consumer have been preparing all year to win this launch, and be Europe’s number one partner for Apple.”

If Apple does choose Tuesday October 13 to announce the iPhone 12 range, we’re in for a very busy week. It’s now looking an awful lot like the Amazon Prime Day sales will commence on the same day.

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