Is this what the Huawei P40 will look like?

Is this what the Huawei P40 will look like?
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Huawei P30 Pro
Huawei P30 Pro

Images have leaked potentially giving us our first look at the Huawei P40 – but it’s not exactly what we expected to see, so can it really be accurate?

The below image was published by DigitalTrends, and claim to display a “member of the unreleased, as-yet-unofficial Huawei P40 family.” But Huawei’s branding doesn’t feature on the phone. Instead the back has the name ‘Polarie’ emblazoned on it. On top of that, the camera has the branding ‘Blink’, where one might expect to see Leica, based on the firm’s association with Huawei. The explanation for this is that it’s “a method to save the phone’s identity from being revealed before the launch” while it’s still in the prototype phase.

Image Credit: DigitalTrends

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However, even if that is the case these images significantly differ from previous renders we’ve seen, such as the one embedded directly below. The solution to this puzzle could simply be that the models within the series vary significantly – for example, the ‘Lite’ version might look very different from the full-fat ‘Pro’ model.

Image Credit: Android Headlines

The design also is very different to the Huawei Mate 30 Pro: the sides are not dramatically curved this time around, and a physical volume toggle returns, rather than an interactive touchscreen alternative. The only similarity is that there’s no headphone jack, with a USB-C connection being the only port on the device’s body. The bottom camera looks to boast a periscope zoom, and it’s accompanied by two other large lenses plus a small Time-of-Flight sensor.

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The Huawei P40 family of phones are expected to be the next family of flagship phones from the Chinese tech giant. They are set to miss out on Google Mobile Services, which includes the Google Play Store and its associated apps, due to the ongoing Huawei Android Ban. This is likely to significantly hamper sales, particularly in the Western market, as consumers will be loath to miss out on their favourite, familiar apps. The P40 is expected to launch on March 26 at a Huawei event in Paris France.

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