Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G?

Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G?
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra are now official but, for all those future-proofers out there, you may still be wondering if Samsung’s new devices support 5G.

Many new phones in 2020 have adopted the new connectivity tech but it still isn’t quite widespread, with the likes of Apple yet to dabble in 5G. For Note fans who are fans of longevity, having a phone that’s ready for the superfast speeds is essential.

Is the Galaxy Note 20 5G?

The base Note 20 model does not come with 5G – however, you can upgrade to a 5G version. While all models of Note 20 Ultra do support 5G.

For £849, you’ll be getting a Note 20 with the same old standard 4G connection and you’ll have to fork out a bit more for the latest 5G tech at £949.

Note 20 Ultra pricing begins at a heftier £1179 and, thankfully for that chunk of change, you’ll be getting 5G connectivity whatever model or colour choice you decide to make.

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The omission of 5G on an £849 phone in 2020 may be a hard pill for many to swallow – especially for Note fans looking for a future-proof device. Phones like the OnePlus Nord, the upcoming Pixel 4a 5G and many other sub-£500 phones that do sport 5G make Samsung look a bit behind the curve in this department.

Thankfully, 5G hasn’t been completely left out from the 2020 Note lineup but it just costs a premium – for both the Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra. 

The lack of 5G on Note 20 is part of a larger story of regression for the stylus-sporting phablet. The Note series previously represented an enhancement to the Galaxy S-series flagship from earlier in the year.

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However, this time out, an £849 Note 20 lacks 5G and comes with a less-premium plastic back while you can pick up a brand new Galaxy S20 for £899 with 5G, a more premium glass and metal design as well as the same Exynos 990 processor.

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