iPhone 12 Mini release date, price, design and camera

iPhone 12 Mini release date, price, design and camera
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The good ol’ days of iPhone 5 and a singular model of Apple flagship are long gone now – with it looking likely another version could debut this year. Here’s everything you need to know about iPhone 12 Mini.

Apple has been tinkering with the iPhone lineup for several years now, with the disappearance of the “Plus” and the introduction of “Max” being the big difference. Just adding a Max model wasn’t the end of it either with “Pro Max” emerging as another moniker for iPhone 11.

As we approach iPhone 12, we’ve been expecting an iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max alongside the “regular model. However, rumours of a new 5.4-inch model have now pointed towards that device getting its own name, with recent posts from leakers DuanRui and L0vetodream indicating its existence. This name would see the return of “mini” from the iPod days of yore – with that signature lower case “m” to make sure you get that it’s small.

Even before the new moniker emerged as a possibility, there’d been plenty of rumours and speculation surrounding a new 5.4-inch iPhone. Read on for all the key details of the release date, price, design and camera chops of the upcoming mini device.

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iPhone 12 mini release date – When will the 5.4-inch iPhone launch?

The new iPhone 12 mini is expected to launch alongside iPhone 12 in the middle of October, with October 13 being the current expected date.

There have been some rumours and suggestions from tipsters like Jon Prosser that iPhone 12 Pro models could come at a later date, rather than the same iPhone 12 launch event.

However, those murmurings appear to have cooled off recently and don’t include a later launch for the “mini” device.

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iPhone 12 mini price – How much will the 5.4-inch iPhone cost?

Expectedly, pre-launch information as pointed towards iPhone 12 mini being the cheapest model – coming in at $649 for the base version.

Pricing information for the full iPhone 2020 range came also came from Jon Prosser, who correctly foresaw many iPhone SE 2 details ahead of its launch:

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iPhone 12 mini design – What will the 5.4-inch iPhone look like?

If you are interested in the new “mini” iPhone then it’s likely the design that brought you here. Rumours point towards the same design as the new iPhone 12, which means some exciting new choices by Apple.

The new iPhone 12 mini is expected to come in at a small size that would facilitate just a 5.4-inch screen. If you consider the trimmed down bezels of modern iPhones, you can expect this device to be extremely “mini” – a welcome return to smaller phones for little-handed folk.

Along with a design more reminiscent of the industrial design of the iPhone 5, it’s Jon Prosser who’s also provided a glimpse at the front of the new devices:

The showcased frontal design of iPhone 12 Pro Max is expected all the way down the line, with iPhone 12 mini sporting the same thin bezel and notch front that debuted with iPhone X.

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iPhone 12 mini specs and camera – What cameras will the 5.4-inch iPhone have?

Given iPhone 12 mini is set to be so small, there must be compromises, right? It doesn’t look like there’ll be many.

According to UBS analysts, iPhone 12 mini is set to come equipped with the same 4GB RAM and a dual-lens camera that will feature on the regular iPhone 12. While it will miss out on some capabilities received for the “Pro” devices, including 6GB RAM and a triple-lens camera with 3D sensing.

All 2020 iPhone flagships are also expected to sport the latest A14 (via MacRumors), which we saw debut in the iPad Air 4, as well as the latest version of iOS 14 – so the new “mini” won’t miss out in these areas either.

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