iPhone 12 is being designed in true Steve Jobs fashion

iPhone 12 is being designed in true Steve Jobs fashion
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The coronavirus pandemic has caused plenty of challenges to workers in all walks of life – but with its solution, Apple has gone back to basics.

Like so many businesses large and small around the world, Apple’s employees are mostly working from home thanks to the coronavirus pandemic (in fact, the relevant Bay Area local government has announced that stay-at-home restrictions will last until May 1). That’s hardly surprising, but it has presented a tricky challenge for the secretive company: how to keep its devices under wraps while under development.

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Bloomberg has outlined that in previous years Apple’s strictness verged on the despotic, with employees working behind secured doors and blacked-out windows, and banned from even telling their spouses about their work.

Evidently the shift to working from home has necessitated changes to this culture: now, employees can take home not just early software iterations but also early working versions of devices, to develop and test. In some ways it’s a pleasant return to the firm’s humble origins, with the Apple I desktop computer said to have been thought up in Steve Jobs’ parents’ garage, before the brand became the multi-billion dollar behemoth that it is today.

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Of course, the more lax rules potentially open up the possibility for more leaks, although we already have a decent idea of what we can expect from the upcoming iPhone 12. It’s strongly believed that this new range will introduce 5G connectivity to Apple products for the first time, while it’s also been rumoured that the notch will be significantly redesigned and the screen will be upgraded with a much higher refresh rate. While it was originally expected to be released in September, the coronavirus pandemic might have a serious knock-on effect for production lines that could see it delayed to later in the year.

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