iPhone 12 could look more like iPhone 5 – and four models are on the way

iPhone 12 could look more like iPhone 5 – and four models are on the way
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iPhone 5S

Apple’s next flagship iPhones will be somewhat of a throwback, according to new reports on Monday.

According to the well-informed Mark Gurman of Bloomberg says some handsets in the line-up, will resemble the squarer, more angular design of the iPhone 5, as well as the more recent iPad Pro models. He said these handsets will have flat screens, and move away from the incumbents, which have somewhat curved displays at the edges.

Gurman’s sources say four handsets are on the radar for Apple, up from three iPhone 11 series releases last year. higher-end models will replace the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, while the replacement for the standard iPhone 11 will come in two models for the first time, presumably with different display size options.

At least the two high-end iPhone 12 models will benefit from the new designs, perhaps creating a tiered design hierarchy akin to distinguish the premium phones, just as Apple has done with the iPad in recent times. However, it’s also possible, all four of the new models will rock the new design too.

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The report also features a treasure trove of now information on the handsets themselves. In terms of cameras, the Pro models will have three cameras and the same AR-enabling 3D LIDAR sensor debuted on the iPad Pro model released last month, while the standard editions will have a pair.

He also says there could be a display larger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max’s 6.5-inches, while Apple may finally ditch the notch for a cut-out sensor array, but that’s more likely to arrive with future releases. For now, we could get a less dominant notch.

As many have speculated in recent weeks, the annual iPhone releases could be delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic with at least some of the new models launching ‘weeks’ later than the usual September and October release window.

Elsewhere Gurman’s sources, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, say the next HomePod speaker will reduce the physical footprint by around half, but maintain the main design language.

It seems Apple is hoping to offer a Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo Dot-style release to try and up its low share of the smart speaker market. The Siri-powered HomePod was much more expensive than its counterparts and a little less accessible for those outside if the iOS ecosystem.

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