Insta360 One R Series modular action camera now offers PureShot AI shooting mode

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Insta360 One R Modular Action Camera

The Insta360 One R modular action camera adapts to whatever you’re doing. And it now comes with PureShot AI mode, which quickly gives you a wide dynamic range with vivid detail. Moreover, it also reduces wind and general noise for better audio quality. Waterproof up to five meters deep for all your underwater needs, this modular action camera provides AquaVision support, which uses AI to correct colors in the mobile and desktop app. The most recent update lets you use this compact camera as a Full HD USB webcam, and it automatically adjusts digital zoom to keep subjects in its frame. If you’re into livestreaming, you’ll love that it offers 360 Live and Reframe Live modes along with remote voice control. Additionally, it lets you shoot in wide angles in 4K quality and at all 360 degrees. With a full-color touchscreen, the Insta360 One R is super easy to use.

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