InMotion V11 electric unicycle can reach 34 mph

InMotion V11 electric unicycle can reach 34 mph
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InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle

The InMotion V11 electric unicycle offers an experience unlike pretty much anything else. Not quite an eBike, this one-wheeled vehicle can travel at speeds up to 34 miles per hour. So you’ll feel the wind in your hair for sure. What’s more, it offers a seriously impressive range of 75 miles, meaning you can hit the gravel for hours on end. Boasting a 2,200-watt nominal motor and a 1,500-Wh battery capacity, this is a powerful device. And one of its most impressive features is that it offers adjustable suspension. Professional riders will love the built-in air-spring pedal suspension design that absorbs bumps and dips thanks to its 3.3 inches of vertical travel. Its tire measures 18 inches around and three inches wide, so it offers stability on rough ground. Finally, the InMotion V11 can even climb inclines with a 35ยบ angle.

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