inDare OTE Juicer palm-size blender lets you take your smoothie anywhere

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inDare OTE Juicer Palm Size Blender

Kitchen appliances can seem rather cold and unimaginative. Not the inDare OTE Juicer palm-size blender. This adorable kitchen gadget features a curved base in warm, soft colors like cream, dusty pink, and pale blue. And its clear juice container holds your fruit of choice. Also, a chrome key on the side is what you’ll use to operate this tiny blender and whip up your favorite juices, smoothies, shakes, sauces, and more. You’ve never had a lovelier appliance to wake up to than the OTE Juicer. What’s more, the juice container of this smoothie maker detaches and has a separate cap with a wrist loop. This gives you a secure way to take your beverage of choice anywhere. It’s time to invest in this palm-size blender, which is a joy to look at as well as use.

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