HTC could release a flagship 5G phone in time for summer

HTC could release a flagship 5G phone in time for summer
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HTC U12 Plus
Are we about to see the back of HTC?

According to a new report from Chinese media site My Driver, HTC hasn’t completely given up on smartphones just yet. Although the company is probably better known for its VR headsets, it looks like we’re going to be treated to a new handset in the coming months.

That handset is rumoured to have built-in 5G capabilities and comes with a Snapdragon 865 chipset. For anyone unfamiliar with this, it’s the latest chipset from Qualcomm and probably the best one on the market for Android phones. Given that it’s the top tier processor available, it’s likely that HTC’s flagship will have some impressive specs to match.

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So far we only have rumours when it comes to the details surrounding the new phone, but HTC’s general manager, Chen Boyu, mentioned a 5G phone in an interview late last year with ePrice.

Speaking with the publication, Bayu said the company would begin work on a 5G phone when the network was launched in Taiwan. As such, a lot of people are speculating that the phone will first be available in Taiwan before being released to a wider market.

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The last phones to come from HTC were the U12 Plus and the U12 Life. Despite the Plus being sold at flagship prices, it didn’t quite match up to its competitors when it came to fundamentals like the user interface and battery life. And although the U12 had a very reasonable price at £299, it had sacrificed a lot to make it an affordable model.

The whole U12 series seemed to come out of nowhere, as HTC had been firmly steering away from the smartphone market prior to its release. So it’s good to see that the company is still continuing down the smartphone track and hasn’t been deterred by previous failures, but hopefully it’s learned from those mistakes too.

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