How to watch the OnePlus 8 launch live this afternoon

How to watch the OnePlus 8 launch live this afternoon
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oneplus 8 launch
Image: @OnePlus via Twitter

OnePlus will reveal its all-new smartphone line-up today, via an online launch event. Here’s how to watch it as it happens − it could just be a nice way to kill an hour or two later on.

The OnePlus 8 launch event is taking place this afternoon, with kick-off time scheduled for 4pm BST. You can tune in to the launch event by hitting the Play button on the video embedded below:

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What do we expect to see from the OnePlus 8 launch?

To prepare yourself for the big moment, here are five big things that we expect to be revealed when you tune in to the presentation:

  • As many as three new phones. Last year, for the first time, the OnePlus unveiled a ‘Pro’ edition handset alongside its mainline device. The OnePlus 7 Pro greatly impressed us with its performance, and so it’s unsurprising to see the brand follow suit this year. But it’s also expect to expand the range in a different direction thanks to the rumoured OnePlus 8 Lite. This could see a return to the roots of the firm, offering great tech at a bargain price.
  • 5G connectivity all round. The OnePlus 7 Pro was one of the first major 5G handsets on the market last year, and this time it’s rumoured that OnePlus is fully committing to the new mobile data standard; apparently all of the phones in the new series will be capable of 5G connectivity as standard.
  • Wireless charging. For years, OnePlus has avoided introducing wireless charging to its device, supposedly as a cost-saving measure. This year that’s all set to change, and you’ll finally be able to charge up your OnePlus smartphone without the need of fiddly cables.
  • 120Hz display refresh rate. The new entries into OnePlus’ range are also set to boast an enhanced display refresh rate of 120Hz for even smoother scrolling, matching the very best available on the market (including dedicated gaming phones).
  • A new design. We really liked the nifty popup camera introduced by the OnePlus 7 Pro. So we’re a bit sad to see that it’s set to be ditched in favour of a cut-out selfie camera in the screen.

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