How to enable Dark mode on the Samsung Galaxy S20

How to enable Dark mode on the Samsung Galaxy S20
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Samsung’s 2020 line of flagships is here and if you’re picking up a snazzy new Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus or splurging on the S20 Ultra then this one handy trick will improve your experience.

Dark mode has become a staple feature across iPhones and Androids and you’ll be happy to learn that there is an excellent one present for the entire S20 family. This is easily accessible and it turns many of the system elements black, which is far easier on the eyes than white. Switching on dark mode could even save you some battery, as the phone’s OLED display allows individual pixels to be completely turned off.

So, without further waffle here’s how to master dark mode on your new Samsung Galaxy S20 (or any of Samsung phone running One UI 2 or 2.1).

How to turn on dark mode on the Galaxy S20

Here’s the easiest way to enable dark mode:

  1. Swipe down the notification panel
  2. Scroll across one page
  3. Tap the dark mode icon

You can also get to the dark mode settings this way:

  1. Enter the phone’s Settings menu
  2. Scroll down to display
  3. Toggle between the light and dark mode

If you tap ‘Dark mode settings’ you’ll be taken to a separate menu where you can automatically darken wallpapers when it’s enabled, turn on a blue light filter between sunset and sunrise to reduce eye strain and even schedule dark mode.

For example, you can schedule dark mode to turn on at a specific time or have it automatically switch on when the sun sets and turn off when it rises again. This is a handy option as the dark mode is much softer on your eyes when you’re in a darkened environment.

The dark mode here is fairly substantial and along with working with Samsung’s own apps, it works with Google’s apps and downloaded ones like Instagram, WhatsApp and more.

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