HONOR 9X Pro FAQs: Your Questions, Our Answers

HONOR 9X Pro FAQs: Your Questions, Our Answers
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Honor India launched its Honor 9X Pro smartphone in India a few days back. It is an upgraded version of Honor 9X and its key features include a 6.59-inch FHD+ LCD screen, Kirin 810 7nm SoC, 6GB RAM, 256GB storage, liquid cooling, 48MP triple rear cameras, 16MP pop-up selfie camera, and a 4000mAh battery.

Notably, Honor’s new phone runs on Android 9 Pie with Huawei’s EMIUI 9.1 on top but it comes with HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS) instead of Google Play Services. So, in such a case you guys might have some doubts and queries related to this phone.

Some of you have already asked us questions on social media. So, we & Honor India have answered them all. Read on!

Honor 9X Pro FAQs

Q.1. Can we install Google Apps on Honor 9X Pro?

Answer: Yes, you can download and install all the google apps on this phone. You can visit the Honor forum for a simple tutorial on the same.

Q2. Does Honor 9X Pro have Google Search? 

Answer: Yes, Honor 9X Pro has Google Search. When you search for something on its default browser, it will show you Google search results.

Q3. Can Honor 9X Pro run Gmail, Google Play Store? 

Answer: Once you install play store on the Honor 9X Pro, you can all the google apps on it.

Q4. If users install google apps/ sideload them – will it affect the warranty? 

Honor India: Yes, the customer will still get the warranty, even if he roots the device and adds a completely new OS. The device will be considered in a warranty.

Q5. Can we install apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and PUBG?


Answer: Yes, you can install all these apps from Huawei App Gallery. This gallery doesn’t have some apps but it will redirect you to that app’s webpage and you can download that from there.

Q6. What Apps Huawei App Gallery has? Does it have popular Indian apps? 

Answer: Yes, the app gallery has most of the popular apps like Paytm, Flipkart, JioSaavn, AarogyaSetu, etc.

Q7. How durable is the pop-up selfie camera? 

Honor India: We have done 100,000 times of extending and retracting the pop-up and camera still works without any glitch. The Pop-Up Camera can withstand up to 15KG of weight without bending or, breaking. And also Auto retracts when it’s sensing free-falling. 

Q8. Does the pop-up selfie camera automatically retract to its place before an accidental drop?

Honor India: Yes, Pop-up selfie camera automatically retract upon fall detection, Not only this it also protects against external pressure and unwanted push, and also comes with Dust & Splash protection.

Q9. Is there any heating issues during gameplay or charging mode?

Honor India: Honor 9x Pro is equipped with Liquid cooling system which touches CPU, GPU, NPU, etc and dissipates heat quickly by up to 5 degree Celsius. So that you can enjoy your favorite games at the highest quality without experiencing lag or slowdown. 

Q10. As per GSMArena, this phone was launched in July-Aug 2019. Is it still relevant?

Honor India: Our passion to provide the best of the solutions include a lot of R&D work, which includes keeping a tap on the market readiness & consumer acceptability. While the product was launched for China market already, it was launched globally very recently.

We have also been planning to bring this product to India as well but took a conscious decision to not launch, given the current situation. We are launching the product now as we want to make it available for the consumers. 

Q11. When will it go on sale next?

Honor India: Our next sale is on 28th May 12:00 noon and it is only for consumers who registered earlier in the first sale and could not purchase the phone. No new registration for now.

Q12. Will there be a price cut soon?

Honor India: We have kept the same offer for 2nd sale as well – 14999/- after the discount of INR 3000 on launched price. 

So, these were the questions that you asked us on social media, and we have tried to cover them all in this FAQ. If you still got any queries, feel free to reach us in comments! Also, guys don’t forget to watch the above video, as there is a giveaway of Honor 9X Pro.

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