Hong Kong Closes Airport to International Tourists, Transit Passengers

Hong Kong Closes Airport to International Tourists, Transit Passengers
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Authorities in Hong Kong stated on Monday they would close the city’s airport arrivals to non-residents in the middle of a rise in coronavirus cases in the city, where brand-new infections had actually formerly been slowed by containment steps.

“From Wednesday onwards we will disallow non-Hong Kong residents coming from overseas countries arriving at the Hong Kong International Airport,” president Carrie Lam stated in a public statement.

“After more than two months of epidemic prevention work, during which time the situation has been constantly changing, based on expert opinion, we are bringing in these measures based on their effectiveness,” Lam stated, including that the restriction is currently indefinite.

“We are basing our decisions on science, on facts and figures, on evidence,” she stated. “The politics of pressure are not something that come into the formula.”

“It would be very risky to base public health positions just because certain people have demanded … it.”

By Monday, Hong Kong had 356 validated cases of COVID-19 and 4 deaths, more than doubling the variety of cases considering that the start of March.

Lam’s administration has actually dealt with growing require the city close its borders, specifically in the early weeks of the COVID-19 epidemic, when people were bringing the infection from mainland China.

A two-week restriction on transit passengers will likewise enter impact on Wednesday.

Non-residents showing up from mainland China, Macau or Taiwan will still be allowed, as long as they have not taken a trip anywhere else on the planet in the past 14 days.

Current unexpected rise

A 14- day quarantine guideline that had actually formerly used to arrivals from mainland China and the rest of the world will now likewise be used to people showing up from Macau and Taiwan.

Anybody revealing signs of COVID-19 after flying into the city has actually been taken right away to coronavirus screening centers, in steps which worked on March 20.

Those who test favorable for the infection are being taken to health center, while others are being enabled to go home to quarantine themselves, state broadcaster RTHK reported.

Senior microbiologist Ho Pak-leung of the University of Hong Kong stated the city has actually seen an abrupt rise in coronavirus cases in current days.

He required an instant, and enforceable, lockdown and the closure of public places.

“Can’t they suspend licenses temporarily for some high-risk venues such as wedding venues and bars?” Ho stated. “They could also run reduced timetables on public transportation.”

“If it becomes inconvenient to take public transportation, then people won’t go out as often,” he stated. “We definitely need to implement social distancing.”

Lam’s statement came in the middle of continuous social stress, as a population tired by authorities violence over months of pro-democracy and anti-extradition demonstrations has actually consistently attempted to put pressure on its federal government to act decisively to stem the epidemic in the city of 7 million people, who reside in a few of the most largely inhabited locations on earth.

Cops when more fired tear gas at an event of around 100 protesters in the New Territories town of Yuen Long, 8 months after a ruthless attack on passengers in the Yuen Long MTR station by gang-linked goons wielding rods and bats.

Triad gang links

Protesters shouted “Free Hong Kong! Revolution now!” and duplicated require Lam to start an independent query into authorities violence, stop calling protesters “rioters,” release detained protesters and permit totally democratic elections.

The white-clad assaulters– a few of whom were later on validated to have links to Hong Kong’s criminal gangs, the triads– laid into passers-by and passengers on a train in the station on July 21, 2019, beating them up with rods and sticks and leaving 45 people in health center.

Hong Kong authorities stopped working to respond to more than 24,000 emergency situation calls from the location as the white-shirted mob ran amok, bludgeoning passengers for 39 minutes prior to authorities showed up on the scene, leaving 45 people in health center.

Video video at the time revealed law enforcement officer talking to men who carefully looked like the assaulters.

Cops have stated the protesters had “provoked” the assaulters, however there is little proof on video footage to support this view.

Thirty-seven people, a few of whom have links to triad companies, were detained in the wake of the attack, and 7 of them deal with charges of “rioting.”

Under the “one country, two systems” framework concurred prior to the 1997 handover to Chinese guideline, Hong Kong was guaranteed the upkeep of its flexibilities of speech, assembly and political involvement.

The demonstrations that appeared in June 2019 in reaction to strategies to permit extradition to mainland China were mainly activated by the disintegration of those flexibilities, especially following a series of prominent interventions by the judgment Chinese Communist Party in the city’s political life, consisting of the debarring of pro-democracy legislators and prospective election prospects for their political views.

Frontline protesters, eyewitnesses, reporters and human rights groups have actually consistently stated that most of violence throughout the demonstrations has actually stemmed with the Hong Kong authorities, who have actually been commonly slammed for the extreme usage of tear gas, water cannon, pepper spray, in addition to both live and non-lethal ammo weapons on unarmed protesters.

Reported by Guy Hoi-tsan and Lu Xi for RFA’s Cantonese and Mandarin Solutions. Equated and modified by Luisetta Mudie.

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