Hitmaka Accuses Woman Of Setting Him Up — Model Says She Was Pistol Whipped

Hitmaka Accuses Woman Of Setting Him Up — Model Says She Was Pistol Whipped
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Hitmaka, aka Yung Berg, was accused by a woman of pistol-whipping and brutally beating her on March 14 Just days later on, he reacted through Instagram with security video footage and his own side of the story.

Talia Tilley is a model and military veterinarian who declares she was dating the manufacturer. She described to outlets that she was physically attacked by the music artist that led to closed head injury, closed fracture of the nasal bone, and facial lacerations.

Pictures of the woman were launched online, triggering social media to slam the former reality star who was likewise stated to be violent towards Masika Kalysha at one point.

Nevertheless, Hitmaka launched his own declaration and video footage of men breaking into his home. He declares that he was being established by the woman who he was not dating at all.

Via Instagram, Hitmaka stated: ‘I could’ ve been killed inside my home on Saturday & & I would like to take this time & & thank all of my family, buddies, & who have actually connected relating to the matter sending out love and favorable energy. This video footage is really disconcerting to all my fellow people in music & living in Los angles location pls be safe and screen who you allow your home I made an essential error which might’ve costed my life THIS WOMAN WAS NOT MY GF EVER. I don’t dive even more into this & & will let my attorneys progress appropriately. Pls, remain safe in the middle of these terrible times, not just for me; however, the whole world.’

I am considering that his declaration, he has actually been continuing to produce and promote tunes by G-Eazy, Tamar Braxton, and more.

On the other hand, Talia protected herself in a message gotten by The Blast.

‘I want to respond to the allegations that are being made against me. They are completely false. At no time during the assault on me were the police ever called to his residence about any robbery or suspicious activity happening in his backyard. I have not and would never be a part of what I am being accused of. I was, in fact, the only person physically hurt and the only person that called the police that morning. I’ m a truthful, good woman from a military family I have actually constantly had an excellent character and people who understand me personally would never ever question that. I have actually never ever threatened anybody nor dedicated any criminal offense.’

Tilley went on to described that in addition to the discomfort she’s been through, her reputation has actually been tainted.

She has actually employed Lisa Blossom to represent her.

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