Hit A Weight Loss Plateau? 3 Scientifically Proven Solutions To Get Pass It

Hit A Weight Loss Plateau? 3 Scientifically Proven Solutions To Get Pass It
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Despite having plenty of success in the past with your tried and tested weight loss techniques, you’re just not getting the same results lately. Frustrating, right? Who wants to spend hours in the gym just to find that stubborn belly fat won’t budge? If this sounds like you, perhaps you’ve hit the dreaded weight loss plateau.

Don’t worry babe, you’re still on the right track! Your metabolism probably just needs a little extra help (you’ve come to the right place!) Here’s 3 weight busting tips to get that metabolism up to speed and get that scale moving in the right direction again!

Tip #1: Modify your Drinking Habits

What you’re drinking each day can make all the difference. We probably don’t need to tell you that sugary drinks aren’t going to help much, but there are drinks that will certainly kickstart your sluggish metabolism.

Did you know that drinking 500ml of water can boost your metabolism by 30% within that hour? If you’re not drinking enough, it’s time to up your intake! Doing so just before meals will also make you feel fuller and prevent you from overeating.

Then there’s good ol’ coffee and tea containing caffeine, which can significantly increase your metabolic rate and promote fat burn. If you’re the type of person who loves sipping on a refreshing tea blend, our Morning Boost would fit into your routine just right! With ingredients such as Green Tea, Guarana and Yerba Mate, this all natural cleansing formula will help rev up your metabolism and promote fat burn.  

Tip #2: Eat More Protein – And Time It Right

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Digestion of protein increases calorie burn by 20 to 30%, which is twice the amount of fat or carbs can manage. On top of this, protein stimulates hormones, which can dampen your appetite and help you feel full after your meals! 

The timing of your protein consumption is important too. By spreading it out over the day and including it in every meal, you’ll be better equipped to keep your protein-related metabolic boost going. The ideal amount of protein per meal is between 20 and 30 grams.

Don’t worry: your meals don’t have to be boring to deliver that protein punch. Think peanut butter banana shakes and savoury spinach egg muffins, mmmm yum! Grab these recipes and 9 other protein-packed breakfast delights here.  

Tip #3: 1 Shot, 3 Times A Day

Shots to shed the pounds? Yes, you read that right! Forget party shots, these are perhaps the only kind of shots you should be taking if you’re looking to fast track your weight loss goals. 

Just 1 shot, 3 times a day — SkinnyMint’s Super Lean Shots contain an all natural dietary fiber, which has been clinically proven to aid weight loss and reduce fat absorption. We kid you not! Read all about the amazing effects of Glucomannan here!

At only 4 calories per sachet, formulated with a unique blend of vitamins and minerals, these tasty shots will keep you satiated after your meals and curb your irresistible food cravings. 

Alongside a healthy daily routine, Super Lean Shots will certainly give you that extra boost you’ll need to drop those stubborn pounds. 

Weight loss plateaus are definitely frustrating, we know. But remember, it’s all part of the journey — be patient with yourself, don’t despair! With a mindful approach to your drinking habits, meals, and the right boost to fire up your metabolism, we can only be sure that you’ll get pass this weight-loss roadblock in no time.

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