Has the OnePlus 8 Pro been leaked by Iron Man himself?

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Tech companies are having to get creative with their launches in the current climate, but purposely leaking a phone in the hands of a verified super hero? That’s would be novel approach even for OnePlus.

On an Instagram fan page, Robert Downey Jr. is pictured clutching a smartphone, purportedly during a OnePlus photoshoot. It’s thought that the phone in the grip of Iron Man is the unreleased OnePlus 8 Pro.

The actor is a brand ambassador to the firm, so it makes perfect sense he’d be clutching the next flagship phone, set to be launched in mid April.

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But does the photo actually tell us anything of note? Well the colour version of the photo seems to show a new copper hue and, if accurate, it seems to confirm the presence of a vertically-arranged rear-facing camera.


The images were reportedly initially posted by noted photographer of the stars Sam Jones, but were said to be deleted soon after, suggesting the phone in hand probably was the unannounced spring 2020 flagship from OnePlus.

We can’t find the original image and there’s somewhat of a suggestion that the photo may have been photoshopped, given some grading on the image.

We’ll likely find out for sure on April 15, when the phone is likely to be announced by OnePlus. The Twitter leakster Max J reckons that’s when the next-generation of handsets will be announced. Of course, the event will be held behind closed doors with a web stream rather than a traditional launch event.

We know the phones will arrive rocking the Snapdragon 865 processor and a 120Hz display, but what else can we expect from the company that tells us to Never Settle? Well, it’s thought the pop-up selfie cam experiment may be over, with OnePlus opting for a tear-drop notch like Samsung. It’s thought the aforementioned quad camera might be on the rear, while it’s possible OnePlus could finally introduce wireless charging.

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