Hands-on: Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

Hands-on: Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro
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Xiaomi has just announced the Mi 10T Pro and we’ve managed to spend a little bit of time with the very affordable, but still ridiculously powerful, flagship ahead of launch.

Following on from the Mi 10, the T version ups things in some key areas and reels them back in others. The biggest change relates to its display speed. Here it borrows a clever trick from the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The 6.67-inch display is the real star here, boasting an adaptive refresh rate that alters depending on what you’re doing. If you’re watching videos it’ll stick to 30Hz, while it can ramp up to 144Hz for scrolling and supported gaming. After some time with the phone it’s not obvious when it changes, – hopefully it will save battery, though. But,  it’s still a supremely buttery smooth experience that makes it hard to go back to anything else.

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It’s a bright display (Xiaomi claims a peak of 650 nits) and while other phones might offer a higher max resolution, 1080p is more than sufficient to render a detailed image.

What really sets the Pro ‘T’ variant apart from its cheaper sibling is the 108MP sensor bolted to the back. Tucked inside a rather hefty camera bump, this sensor sits alongside a 5MP macro (kind of useless) and a 13MP ultra wide. I’m yet to use a 108MP camera that’s noticeable better than a 12MP unit and while my first few sample shots looked good, they didn’t stand out too much. Still, you’ll no doubt get crisp images and I will save my final thoughts for our full in-depth review. You’ve also got 8K 30 recording for video and a front 20MP selfie camera in a small cutout.

The phone itself feels very like a Xiaomi device. It has a very polished back with a strong mirrored effect that gets covered in fingerprints almost immediately. It’s quite chunky and heavy, although the curved sides help it sit nicely in your hand. There’s a fingerprint sensor embedded into the power button too, which I always much prefer to the in-display variety due to its improved reliability. Slightly annoyingly, the Mi 10T Pro lacks an IP rating.

Inside you’ll find the 5G capable Snapdragon 865 chipset, alongside 8GB LPDDR5 RAM. I’ve only spent a short time with the phone, but with those specs you know it’s going to be fast and it really is. That 144Hz display and top-end internals make this one of the fastest phones I have used.

Xiaomi has packed a healthy 5000mAh battery into the Mi 10T Pro, which is good news as this is sure to be a power-hungry device. I haven’t spent enough time to properly judge the battery and our full tests will come in the full review. Once the phone is depleted there is 33w charging to juice it back up, however wireless charging is missing.

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First impressions

For 599 euros (UK pricing and the release date is still to be confirmed), the Mi 10T Pro feels like a great deal – if you’re willing to use a large phone that’s missing some extras like wireless charging, expandable storage and wireless charging.

You do get the top-end chipset, a big battery and an interesting display.

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