Grovemade walnut laptop stand offers an ergonomic work setup

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Embrace an ergonomic setup with the Grovemade Walnut Laptop Stand device elevator. This gorgeous laptop holder features all-natural materials, the most notable of which is its beautiful base which has been crafted from American Black Walnut. The stop uses stainless steel, so you’ll never have to worry about your laptop on this stand. Also, the lining is vegetable-tanned leather. But this laptop stand isn’t just a pretty face. It also has your health and comfort in mind with its angled platform which provides improved ergonomics. So no more hunching over your keyboard or straining to get a better view of your screen with this laptop stand. What’s more, beneath this workspace gadget, you’ll have room for storing your laptop accessories. This device elevator adds a welcome touch of nature and practicality to any desk. It’s an American-made work you’ll be proud to own.

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