Greenland watches … and waits for virus

Greenland watches … and waits for virus
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While Europe battles the fatal pandemic, not one individual has actually yet passed away from corona in Greenland, the world’s biggest island, and not one remains in extensive care– a minimum of not at the time of composing.

The pandemic might yet strike hard– precariously hard– in Greenland with its spread population of some 57,000 and a restricted healthcaresystem


However up until now just 11 people have actually been discovered to be bearers of the virus and all of them in Nuuk, the capital. All of these have actually been quarantined or release once again since they have actually come through and are now virus- complimentary.

On The Other Hand, Greenland’s capital city is blocked. No regular people are permitted to leave or go into Nuuk without unique consent, not even in private boats or by snowmobile.

And any sale of alcohol is briefly prohibited.

A grim history of fatal upsurges gave Greenland in the 18 th and 19 th century by European colonisers has actually sustained worries that the coronavirus, if not examined, will fast reach the numerous little distant towns, thus producing immediate and difficult needs for emergency situation air transportation and extensive care in Greenland’s little health centers.

It would take fairly couple of seriously-ill clients to outrun the capability of the country’s health services.

As the death toll in Europe mushrooms, Greenland outside of Nuuk is still entirely corona-free, however sixty-four-thousand-dollar questions now plead for responses: For how long can you keep a whole country sealed of from the remainder of the world? For how long will people manage seclusion? For how long should the federal government let the economy bleed– and how rapidly will the virus spread when the the lock-down is loosened up?

No entry

Taking A Trip to Greenland is now near to difficult.

No flights, ship or other ways of travel to Greenland is readily available unless one takes a trip with unique consent, and no regular people are permitted to leave the island.

The couple of aircrafts and helicopters that still fly in between Greenland’s 72 towns and towns, none of which are linked by roadways or trains, bring just mail and the odd health careofficial


The concern is now– what’s next?

From Saattut, a fishing town of some 250 people in the far northwestern part of Greenland, Apollo Mathiassen, an angler, discusses over the phone that the town is practically without physical contact with the remainder of the world, consisting of the nearby bigger town of Uummannaq, population around 1,500 – and which is typically just 45 minutes by snowmobile or pet dog sled away.

“The snow mobile tracks to Uummannaq are normally wide and very much used. Now they have almost disappeared,” he informs me.

He has no concept how long the lock-down will stay inforce


“On Friday it will be two weeks that we have been careful and still nobody here shows any signs of illness. If nobody is infected, I think it will be sensible to allow a more relaxed way of being together here in Saattut, but I don’t know what the plan is. Perhaps they will relax the rules after Easter,” he predictions.

Lockdown for a year?

More south in the town of Sisimiut on Greenland’s west coast, population 6,000, Ove Rosing Olsen, a former medical physician, anticipates the lockdown to last a lot longer, possibly an entire year.

In 1992, Ove Rosing Olsen ended up being Greenland’s first minister of health as the home guideline federal government in Greenland took over duty for the health system from Denmark, the former colonial power, which still holds sovereignty overGreenland


Later on, he worked as head of the health services in the main part ofGreenland


“Our capacity to deal with respiratory insufficiency is limited. If the system is overrun by too many patients with severe symptoms, many who could have been saved with the right treatment, will die. Instead of allowing the virus to spread, it is all about keeping it at bay until a vaccine is available. I believe we will have to have very little contact with others for a longer time, perhaps for another twelve months,” he states.

He frets that numerous Greenlanders might become exposed to precariously heavy dosages of coronavirus, triggering extreme health problem, since numerous big households reside in studio apartments or in cottages.

In 1801, a smallpox epidemic eliminated some 80 percent of Sisimiut’s people; measles took a heavy toll as late as1954


“Most lately, we dealt with the swine-influenza in 2009 that had almost the whole of Sisimiut lying down. One child died. That was a serious epidemic, and now corona is, from what I understand, much worse. I think we will still be partly isolated for at least six months and perhaps a whole year,” he states.


When they will resume schools or raise the restrictions on travel,

The authorities in Nuuk have actually not yet divulged any information on how or.

” I make certain they are dealing with that today, simply like federal governments all over the world.

“Our strategy, as in other countries, is to make sure the health care system is not overwhelmed. The difference is that we have more options for isolating the country. The problem is that if we don’t get a vaccine or a really good way to treat patients who get seriously ill, we don’t know what will happen when we open the country again,” states Gert Mulvad, a medical physician at the healthcare centre of Queen Ingrid’s Healthcare facility, Greenland’s just bigger medical center.

Anders Koch, who is a medical epidemiologist in Copenhagen, along with a university teacher in Greenland and past president of the International Union for Circumpolar Health likewise aims to the near future with some issue.

“The reason why we are particularly concerned with Arctic communities is not that we necessarily consider their populations more susceptible to more severe courses of the diseases,” he stated.

” The main problem is that the health systems are not tailored for such an obstacle. They are susceptible, have a restricted quantity of personnel, health center beds and ventilators that are not expanded throughout the area. If you need ventilator treatment in Greenland, you need to be moved to the capital Nuuk– and 3 quarters of the population live outside of Nuuk.

“So, the health system is not adaptive in the same ways as the Danish system,” he stated in an interview with the Arctic Council’s website.

Need to the variety of clients requiring extensive care ultimately grow out of Greenland’s own capability, clients might be flown the 3,500 km to health centers in Denmark, as Greenlanders are still Danish people.

From Nuuk, Gert Mulvad discusses how Queen Ingrid’s Healthcare facility is urgently developing the technical centers required for corona-testing.

Up Until that remains in location all tests need to be send out to Denmark for analysis.

Likewise, he and other specialists are quickly acquiring brand-new understanding on how to provide long-distance telemedicine. Looking forward, he is still positive: “If we manage this properly, we will have managed yet another epidemic, and it will not be completion of the world.

“Meanwhile, we will have learned a lot that will benefit us in the long run,” he states.

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