Google Pixel 5 smartphone offers wireless and reverse wireless charging

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Google Pixel 5 Smartphone

Some gadgets have features that stand out right away, and the Google Pixel 5 smartphone is one of those devices. With wireless and reverse wireless charging, it’s different from the rest. You can even use it to charge your Pixel Buds when you’re on the go. Moreover, this Google phone has a water-resistant design and 5G connectivity for convenient use anywhere. With eight gigabytes of RAM, the Google Pixel 5 ensures you have the speed you need to download movies, stream videos, scroll photos, and listen to music. And its Titan M chip keeps your password and transaction information as safe as can be. You’ll love the extreme battery saver feature, which gives you 48 hours of extra juice by prioritizing apps. And this phone keeps Google Assistant—instead of you—waiting through annoying holds. There’s so much more, like better lenses and photo-editing features, that you’ll love on this 5G phone.

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