Google Pixel 4a to beat the iPhone SE in two important ways?

Google Pixel 4a to beat the iPhone SE in two important ways?
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The forthcoming Google Pixel 4a faces an uphill struggle if it is to best the iPhone SE 2 smartphone, but a more affordable price tag would be a pretty good start. So would more base storage.

A newly-leaked potential price tag for the Pixel 4a suggests if will arrive at $349 in the United States, which is $50 cheaper than the excellent value Apple provides with the $399 iPhone SE 2. How that would translate into sterling is unclear, but last year’s Pixel 3a model matched the US price at £399.

The good word comes from 9to5Google’s Stephen Hall, who reckons he has the scoop on the price tag: $349 with 128GB of storage. That would be $50 cheaper than the base price of the Pixel 3a, with twice as much space on the hard drive.

If accurate, that would also double the 64GB of storage offered by the 2020 iPhone SE model, which could be another reason for buyers to select the Pixel 4a over the iOS counterpart.It’s also possible there’ll be a 64GB version of the Pixel 4a phone that’s even more affordable than the 128GB.

It doesn’t appear as if the Pixel 4a will be expandable via microSD, so base storage becomes all the most important for those eying up the handset.

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We may not have too long to wait before the rumours are confirmed as excitement grows for Google’s next mid-range entry. Just yesterday we reported on some benchmarking figures that suggested the device wouldn’t be too far behind the current full-fat Pixel 4 model – at least from a CPU power perspective.

The phone is yet to be officially confirmed by Google, although it has dropped several giant hints, including a top executive seemingly tweeting from the phone. It’s possible Google could confirm the release when it debuts the Android 11 public beta during a stream on June 3.

Google recently posted a teaser for the event, which will presumably give us a host of information about Android 11 features. The Android 11 Beta Launch Show promises that “there’ll be news, updates, and announcements on connectivity, controls, safety, security, productivity, accessibility, and a whole bunch of other stuff we’re not ready to tell you about yet.”

Reports have suggested Vodafone Germany plans to begin selling the device on June 5.

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