Google Assistant will now sing to as you wash your hands

Google Assistant will now sing to as you wash your hands
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Have you washed your hands since you came in the house? If not, you probably should. Especially now the Google Assistant’s dulcet tones can lend a helping… erm… hand.

If you’re the owner of a Nest speaker or any Google Assistant-enabled device you can ensure you’re washing for the correct length of time with the command “Hey Google, help me wash my hands.”

After making the request you’ll be greeted with a little song that lasts for 40 seconds, the recommended time you should spend washing your hands in order to clean them properly (we thought it was 20, to be fair).

The ditty, which comes in partnership with the WHO, isn’t going to top the Billboard charts, but it will carry on going until it’s time for you to dry your hands and go about your business.

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Sung by the default Assistant voice, the song is laden with epochal lyrics like “clean, clean clean your hands // and if you’re getting bored // remember, friend, that in the end, good health is your reward.

If you have a smart display, you’ll see the bubbles graphic represented in the GIF above.

In the last few weeks we’ve seen loads of fun and inventive accompaniments to hand washing, designed to help ensure people are washing for the correct amount of time, rather than simply rinsing with a bit of soap.

Google itself is assisting with the fight against coronavirus by including information from the NHS directly into search results. The company is also building a website for people in the United States, which would help citizens and residents determine whether they require a test for coronavirus,Ā President Trump seemed to intimate the site was going to be ready with a quickness, but Google cautioned it won’t be live for a while yet.

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