GioVia double-walled porcelain mug delivers a pure on-the-go coffee experience

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GioVia Double-Walled Porcelain Mug

With the GioVia double-walled porcelain mug, you get a great on-the-go coffee experience. Its double-walled porcelain design ensures your beverage stays nice and warm and tastes just right. So you can say goodbye to that nasty metallic or paper taste. It comes with the PortaVia silicone lid, which provides a tight seal and an incredible drinking experience because it sits below the rim. That means you’re drinking from the rim just like a regular coffee mug. The outside of the double-walled porcelain mug warms your hands, which is so comforting during the colder months. Choose from six colors and mix and match any lid with any to-go cup. It’s great for coffee lovers who drink their morning cup while commuting and office workers who want to avoid spills. But it’s also designed for remote workers who want to keep their coffee warm for hours and anyone who’s busy.

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